Welcome to Sound Elite Home Theatres Limited. We are certified professionals with a deep affection for music and movie reproduction and can offer you a definitely immersive home audio and visual experience which will be beyond your imagination.  We are NOT an automation and security company which integrates your appliances/electronics/alarm system, instead we are home theater specialist and take pride in offering you the finest audio, visual and hi-fi products which will make your home audio and visual experience a truly spectacular one.

Best Services

With over 20 years of home theater integrating experience, we pride ourselves to be the first and probably the only HAA-THX Certified Home Theater Advanced Integrator in the Lower Mainland.  We appreciate that every project and room sonic characteristics are unique. Our customized acoustical design includes meticulous placement of speakers/subwoofers and seating, calibration of sound response with attention to specific room modes, phase alignment, EQing and room acoustical treatment using state of the art calibrating tools which conform with advanced THX calibrating procedures.  Our calibration process will take place throughout several sessions until we can help you achieve the greatest potential from the equipment you have invested in.  By teaming up with the most reputable architects/designers/builders/automation companies in town, we assure you that every room we create will be both acoustically and aesthetically stunning!

Our goal is to present you with movies and music ”As the Director/Recording Engineer intended to be”.  Imagine playing a movie/music concert in your media room as if you are in one of the most renowned THX Certified mixing and dubbing theatres like “Skywalker Sound”!  In the end, we help all film makers to achieve their final goal – “TO CREATE EMOTION”.