Argento Audio Cables

Argento Audio Cables

Founded in 1991, each Argento Audio cable is carefully handcrafted in Denmark where every single element is custom-designed to specifications. Argento Audio cables represent a breakthrough in high-end audio cable design and manufacturing. Argento Audio cables have taken the ultimate uncompromising path where every single element is custom designed and made as per each unique specification. One single pair of Flow Master Reference cables contains over 60 custom-made CNC elements.

Argento cables do not merely connect your high-end electronics. They are capable of absolute performance in high-end audio signal transmission to bring you much closer to experiencing a live performance in your own music room.

The launch of the first-generation Serenity cables in 2003 and subsequently the Flow cables were very successful and Argento Audio cables are now available and popular in many countries around the world. Each Argento Audio cable is unique in today’s high-end audio world and will be a lasting cornerstone in your beloved music system.

Argento Audio Cables – Extreme Edition

Extreme Edition represents Argento Audio’s pinnacle in the design and manufacturing of ultra high-end audio cables: extreme resolution, extreme energy (in other words, no loss of signals), extreme silence, extreme dynamics and tonality, accurate and expressed with extreme musicality.  Extreme Edition is the end game of high-end cable searching.

Argento Audio Cables – Master Flow Reference

Featuring all the breakthroughs in the Flow series and further refining them, the Flow Master Reference is the Argento Audio masterpiece. The Flow Master Reference make use of a combination of fundamentals made for the Flow line. With a substantially increased cross section, the Flow Master Reference is a step-up in performance while retaining the beauty of the Flow cables and all the tonal balance and qualities associated with Argento Audio.  

Flow Series

Argento Audio’s Flow cables make use of a large number of extremely thin conductors made of high purity annealed silver, all of which are cryo-treated and polished twice for the best surface quality. The use of more conductors increases precision in geometry and insulation. The geometry used in the Flow cables ensures that all conductors are of equal lengths so that the conductors work as one cable instead of a multitude of small cables of different lengths which may distort signals.

Serenity Series

Argento Audio’s Serenity line of cables have an unbeatable reputation amongst the audiophile community for years for their uncompromising technical capabilities and sound performance. The Serenity Signature is the third generation of the Serenity cables and are considered to be astoundingly good speaker cables with pronounced, organic sound performance higher than most competing cables at comparable price points.

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