Argento Extreme Edition Cables

Having all the components you need for your hi-fi system is still short of perfection without good quality cables to bring out the sound and display you want. Argento Extreme Edition cables represent Argento Audio’s pinnacle in the design and manufacturing of ultra high-end audio cables. As the name of this power cord denotes, you get extreme resolution, extreme energy (in other words, no loss of signals), extreme silence, extreme dynamics and tonality, accurate and expressed with extreme musicality. So, make the best out of your AV system by completing it with Argento Extreme Edition cables – the end game of high-end cable searching.

Analog Interconnect

Argento Extreme Edition Cable – XLR Analog Interconnect (from CAD$25,200)

Speaker Cable

Argento Extreme Edition -Speaker Cable (from CAD$39,600)

Power Cable

Argento Extreme Edition Power Cable (from CAD$17,500)

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