Argento Flow Cables

Argento Flow cables make use of a large number of extremely thin conductors made of high purity annealed silver, all cryo-treated and polished twice for the best surface quality. The use of more conductors increases precision in geometry and insulation. The geometry used in the Flow cables ensures that all conductors are of equal lengths so that the conductors work as one cable instead of a multitude of small cables of different lengths which may distort signals.

Flow cables come equipped with a range of new connectors, all machined from rods of solid high purity silver and attached to conductors by compression to achieve the best conductivity.

The Flow cables are truly a culmination of Argento Audio’s experience in cable design and offers supreme qualities that are simply not available from any other cable manufacturer. Material choices and design of the Flow cables are extremely flexible, making them easy to install and complement any hi-fi system you have.

Speaker Cables & Power Cables

Flow Speaker Cable (from CAD$8,700)
Flow Power Cable (from CAD$4,100)

Analog Interconnect

Flow RCA Analog Interconnect
(from CAD$5,500)
Flow XLR Analog Interconnect
(from CAD$5,760)
Flow Phono RCA-RCA or XLR-XLR
(from CAD$6,500)

Digital Interconnect

Flow AES/EBU Digital Interconnect
(from CAD$3,300)

The Flow line is available in:

  • RCA and XLR analog interconnectors, BNC, RCA and XLR Digital interconnectors, 
  • XLR, RCA and Phono interconnectors,
  • BNC clock link,
  • US, EU, 15 and 20 amp IEC power cords and
  • Speaker Cable with spades.

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