Argento Serenity Cables

Argento Serenity cables have an unbeatable reputation amongst the audiophile community for years for their uncompromising technical capabilities and sound performance. The Serenity Signature is the third generation of the Serenity cables and are considered to be astoundingly good speaker cables with pronounced, organic sound performance higher than most competing cables at comparable price points.

Speaker Cables & Power Cables

Serenity Speaker Cable
(from CAD$4,200)
Serenity Power Cable
(from CAD$2,650)

Analog Interconnect

Serenity Signature RCA Analog Interconnect (from CAD$2,750)
Serenity Signature XLR Analog Interconnect (from CAD$2,900)

Argento Serenity cables are available in:

  • RCA and XLR analog interconnectors,
  • US, EU, 15 and 20 amp IEC power cords and
  • Speaker Cable with spades.

Main features of the Serenity Signature cables:

  • The conductors are made of the purest silver featuring a quasi-ribbon geometry, with no edges, resulting in a close to hyper-elliptic shape.
  • The dielectric/vibration damper is the proprietary Argento Audio VDMTM (Vibration Damping Material), drastically removing any usual dielectric ill effects, along with an optimized vibration control.
  • One of these conductors is used for each polarity in the interconnector and several for each polarity in the speaker cables.
  • All conductive parts are cryo-treated with liquid nitrogen.
  • All connectors are similar to the Flow connectors with the exception of the dielectric material.

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