Artesania Exoteryc Rack


Main features of the Artesania Exoteryc Rack:

  • The Artesania Exoteryc Rack comes with a platform that is a stainless steel, anti-magnetic structure that supports a base for setting up a turntable or other components.
  • External structure is made of metal filled with special particles and elastomers with uprights of 60 mm in diameter
  • Internal suspended structure is isolated from external structure and has a triple decoupling to eliminate vibrations transmitted from solid and acoustic sources.
  • Teflon cylinders support the internal structure and isolates from the external structure. (Diameter 38 mm)
  • Linear arms made from anti-magnetic stainless steel. Also support isolating discs and damping pads.
  • Isolation Discs support each of the electronic components without any need for shelves.
  • Finish: Standard color is Gunmetal. 10% upcharge for Black and Silver.

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For more information, please see Artesania Audio Rack Catalog.

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  • Total height: 73cm / 28.74”
  • Internal Distance Between Legs: 55cm / 21.65”
  • External width: 67cm / 26.37”
  • Total depth: 52.5cm / 20.66”

Weight Supported Rack + Platform:

  • 3 levels: 320kg / 704lbs
  • 4 levels: 350kg / 770lbs
  • 3+3 levels: 400kg / 880lbs

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Exoteryc 2-shelf rack, Exoteryc 2-shelf tandem rack (2+2), Exoteryc 2-shelf tandem rack (2+2+2), Exoteryc 3-shelf rack, Exoteryc 3-shelf tandem rack (3+3), Exoteryc 3-shelf tandem rack (3+3+3), Exoteryc 4-shelf rack


Gunmetal (standard color – no upcharge), Black (10% upcharge), Silver (10% upcharge)

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