Artesania Linear Arm


Main features of the Artesania Linear Arm:

  • The Artesania Linear Arm is made of carbon fiber with wooden base inserts.
  • Made of 100% Carbon Fiber they are similar in size, thickness, and shape to the steel arms but instead of individual threaded holes, they have long slits that allow infinitely variable adjustments of the component feet.
  • Best-suited for upgrading your existing Exoteryc or Prestige rack.
  • 2 units.
  • Parts purchase only.

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For more information, please see Artesania Audio’s Accessories Brochure.

Artesania Audio website

  • The Artesania Carbon Fiber Linear Arm upgrade entails a replacement of the polished metal arms into which the component feet are attached as well as the component feet themselves.
  • 2 units
  • Parts purchase only

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