Artesania Treated Glass Shelf – Black


Main features of the Artesania Treated Glass Shelf:

  • The Artesania Treated Glass Shelf can be added to your Artesania Exoteryc or Prestige equipment rack.
  • Though Artesania’s equipment racks are designed to be used without shelves, shelves are available for those that prefer the aesthetics or have equipment that measures smaller than 11 inches wide.
  • The shelves are supported by polyamide insulating discs and neoprene pads for maximum absorption and blocking features which preventing possible movements of horizontal translation.
  • The discs are supported on adjustable steel needles, located on the metal racks (to decrease transmission). Four needles are used for support.
  • Finish: Black only.

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For more information, please see Artesania Audio’s Accessories Brochure.

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