Arya Audio Labs – RevOpod

Arya Audio Labs – RevOpod

RevOpod Damping Feet – High-end Audio Vancouver

The RevOpod damping feet from Arya Audio Labs is a high-performance vibration control device for loudspeakers, amplifiers, turntables and other audio equipment.

Adapting from principles used in vibration control of heavy structures in civil engineering, this device can effectively control vibration and reduce unwanted distortion not by fixing components rigidly in place but rather allowing limited movement in all directions.

All structural parts of the RevOpod damper are precision CNC machined from highest quality stainless steel while the contact element is made of Delrin. Premium finishes (black, gold and matt gold) are achieved using a special titanium nitride coating process.

It is Arya Audio Labs’ signature product featuring their proprietary vibration control system and super damping performance.

Product Specifications

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  • Weight: around 150g per damper (600g per set of 4)
  • Diameter: 40mm | Min height: 32.0mm | Max height: 37.0mm
  • Height adjustability: 5mm (in 50um steps, 100 steps total)
  • Weight limit: 120kg per set of 4
  • Included: RevOpod dampers, silicone rings for mounting, thread adapters for M6, M8 and 1/4 -20 (other sizes available upon request)
  • Versions: Chrome, Chrom + anodised Gold, All Black, Black + 24k Gold

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