Stillpoints are cutting-edge audio component feet that help isolate the components in your audio equipment to reduce mechanical vibrations yet without distorting tonal balance.

By reducing minuscule vibrations, your audio piece can release the harmonic resolution and tonal texture it’s capable of releasing. Enhanced resolution means a more 3-dimensional sound effect. This maximizes the music you’re actually hearing from a recording.

Stillpoints component feet can transform your audio system’s performance, with an effect akin to a substantial component updgrade.

Stillpoints Ultra Products – high-end audio Vancouver

Stillpoints Ultra 6, component feet, Stillpoints Vancouver

Ultra 6

The newest addition to the Stillpoints Ultra Series and the first to use technology pockets on opposing sides of the isolator. A single-puck design to transmit vibration to pockets more efficiently. 

Stillpoints Ultra 5, component feet, Stillpoints Vancouver

Ultra 5

The Ultra 5 has five pockets of Stillpoints patented technology. Four Ultra 5’s under one component or loudspeaker is equivalent to using 20 pockets of technology. Super high level of dissipation and decoupling you can get. Made for very large and heavy components and loudspeakers.

Stillpoints Ultra SS, component feet, Stillpoints Vancouver

Ultra SS

This stainless steel four-tier filter offers incredible isolation. Using four levels of ceramic bearings, twice as many as the original Stillpoints, it transfers energy faster than aluminum and is more stable. Works best under loudspeakers with appropriate adapters.

Stillpoints Ultra II version 3, component feet, Stillpoints Vancouver

Ultra II

The Ultra II carries on the legacy of the Ultra 6. It uses technology pockets on opposite dies of the isolator. Available in three configurations.

Stillpoints Ultra Mini with base, component feet, Stillpoints Vancouver

Ultra Mini

Designed for components weighing 50 pounds or less. The Ultra Mini feature a threaded stud extending out from the Ultra Mini body. A base is then attached to the stud to allow leveling of a component or loudspeaker. Comes with or without base.

Stillpoints Ultra Base, Stillpoints Vancouver

Ultra Base

Can be connected to Ultra SS, Ultra 5 and directly to any component in a system. 4 Ultra Bases included with all ESS Racks.

Stillpoints LP isolator, Stillpoints Vancouver

Stillpoints LP Isolator

Perfect for placing on loudspeaker/component tops, transformers or tube equipment. It absorbs micro vibrations present at the label area, achieving a clearer, cleaner sound reproduction.

Stillpoints component stand SS, Stillpoints Vancouver

Stillpoints Component Stand SS

Compatible with any of the Ultra products and available in three or four legs.

Stillpoints aperture II, stillpoints acoustics vancouver

Stillpoints Aperture II

Stillpoints’ acoustic panels – the only acoustical product that gives you both absorption and diffusion at the first reflection points of a system.

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