AirTight ACT 5s Preamp


Main features of the AirTight ACT 5s Preamp:

  • AirTight ACT 5s has continued to produce tube amplifiers since its inception, maintaining its strong belief in the limitless potential in vacuum tubes amid today’s digital era.
  • The ACT 5s Preamp is a high-resolution preamp that stands out for its ability to capture the original ambience and emotions at the time of recording. Its exceptional spatial precision also outperforms all previous models, giving you an unmatched level of realism in reproduced sound.
  • Despite its compact size, the ACT 5s does not compromise in manufacturing process, design and component selection

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  • 12AX7 X3, 12AT7 X2, with Prono inputs
  • Dimensions: 400(W) x 260(D) x 90(H) (tentative)
  • Weight: 9kg (tentative)

For more technical specifications on the AirTight ACT 5s preamp, please visit AirTight website.

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