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PROUD OF THE brands we carry!

Sound Elite represents premium brands and best-in-class products in high-end audio, Vancouver. At Sound Elite, we strive to provide the best-performance audio/visual products both in value and sound reproduction to ensure that your investment in your HiFi system is money well-spent.

As HAA, PVA and THX certified professionals, we can help you choose products for a high-end audio system and/or an optimal high-performance home theatre for a truly immersive audio/visual experience. We provide one-stop, seamless service from equipment specification, purchase, integration, room design specifics, acoustics, configurations, installation to calibration and consulting services.

We appreciate that every room sonic characteristics are unique. Our goal is to bring real-life performances and movies into the comfort of your home. With our meticulous design, we assure you that every room we create will be acoustically and aesthetically stunning!

Let the Sound Elite team help you listen to music the way it is meant to sound.

Featured brands: Avantgarde, JBL Synthesis, PMC, VAC, Argento Audio, Lumin, Wilson Benesch, JL Audio and more.

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