Electrocompaniet, a leading Norwegian manufacturer of high-quality audio instruments and producer of world-class HiFi products, has a legacy of 40 years in the HiFi industry. It is renowned for its manufacture of high-end amplifiers, record players, DACs, CD-players, music streamers and speakers. The production of every system in the Classic line and EC Living line, including design, assembly and the complete production of parts and components, all take place in Electrocompaniet’s cutting-edge facilities in Norway.

Electrocompaniet audio instruments are recognized amongst discerning audiophiles, enthusiasts, industry professionals and some of the world’s major recording studios and are designed to bring you the most rewarding musical experience possible in your own home.


Electrocompaniet Classic

Electrocompaniet Classic Power Amp

Power Amps

Electrocompaniet Classic Power Amp

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Electrocompaniet Classic Power Amp

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Electrocompaniet ECM-1-MKII-DAC

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Electrocompaniet EC Living Wireless