Electrocompaniet EC Living Sira L-1


Main features of the Electrocompaniet EC Living Sira L-1 Wireless Subwoofer:

  • EC Living wireless lifestyle audio series, a wireless and modular system of speakers/amplifiers and streaming devices that can be combined into one wireless system to provide you with a simple and elegant way to bring wireless HiFi music into your home.
  • The Electrocompaniet EC Living Sira L-1 has all the power of big subwoofers. Use it to upgrade your EC Living system and add even more punch and drive wirelessly.
  • An entirely wireless subwoofer, making it easy to place.
  • Adding Sira L-1 to a system lets you play music that is deeper, louder and tighter, accentuating the bass and drums.
  • Placing the Sira L-1 in a corner will further enhance the bass effect.
  • Add as many Sira L-1s as you like depending on how impressive you want your bass to be.

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  • Dimensions: W 278mm/10.94” x D 260mm/10.23” x H 256mm/10.8”
  • Weight: 13kg / 28.66lbs

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