Audience is a highly-respected American electronics company whose objective is to build the finest possible high-performance audio components. It has to date developed some of the world’s most acclaimed audio/video cables and high-performance power chords. Audience products have always been entirely hand-built by experienced craftsman at the factory in San Marcos California. Great care is taken at every aspect in the manufacturing process to inspect, test and package every product to the most meticulous details to ensure customer satisfaction with performance, fit and finish.

Cables & powerChords

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Audience Au24 SX cables, Audience cables vancouver, high-end audio cables vancouver

Au24 SX

Audience Au24 SE-i powerChord, Audience Au24 SE-i, Audience powerChords, Audience cables vancouver

Au24 SE

Audience Studio One analog interconnect XLR, audience studio one cables, audience cables vancouver

Studio One

Audience Studio Two analog interconnect XLR, Audience Studio Two cables, Audience cables vancouver

Studio Two

Audience Hidden Treasure SATA cable, Audience Hidden Treasure cables, Audience cables vancouver

Hidden Treasure

Power Conditioners / PDC


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