Audience The One Loudspeaker


Main features of the Audience The One Loudspeaker:

  • The Audience The One Loudspeaker is the smallest speaker in the ClairAudient line.
  • Despite its compact size, it uniquely provides electrostatic resolution and speed, dynamic systems and coherent point source.
  • The One delivers exceptional imaging and full, natural midrange that is unmatched by many loudspeakers that are many times its size and price.
  • The One is available in the basic configuration and also V4 configuration.

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Audience website

  • Dimensions: 7”H x 7”D x 5.5”W
  • Weight: 4 lbs per speaker

For more The One Loudspeaker technical specification, please visit Audience website.

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The One ns Loudspeaker, The One V4 Loudspeaker

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