AirTight ATE 3011 Phono Stage

Main features of the AirTight ATE 3011 Reference Phono Stage:

  • AirTight ATE-3011 is AirTight’s latest phono stage designed for music lovers who wants to  rediscover the charm of their vinyl record collections and being able to play records with sound that is clean, dynamic, transparent and well-defined.
  • Equipped with 5 equalizing curves for turnover and roll off which can be independently selected to optimize your vinyl collections
  • With over three years of research and development of this phono stage, ATE-3011 can achieve non-coloration in sound with heart-beating reality in your vinyl record listening experience.

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  • Dimensions: 400(W) × 375(D) × 151(H) mm
  • Weight: 12.2kg

For more technical specifications on AirTight ATE 3011 Reference Phono Stage, please visit AirTight website

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