AirTight ATH 2 Step Up Transformer


Main features of the AirTight ATH 2 Reference Step Up Transformer:

  • The AirTight ATH 2 Reference has three selectable inputs: “Bypass”, “20hm” and “400hhm”.
  • By using a new oxygen-free copper winding material and meticulously refining the winding process, ATH 2 has been able to significantly enhance dynamics, sonic richness and overall audio quality of analog records.
  • Its signal-to-noise ratio, particularly at lower output levels, significantly exceeds the performance of its competitors, allowing you to experience a higher level of quality when paired with high-end amplifiers.
  • Its 2 Ohm setting accommodates the latest ultra-low impedance cartridges below 1 Ohm, fully unleashing the capabilities of MC cartridges.

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  • Reference, step up transformer for MC cartridge
  • 3 selectable inputs: “Bypass”, “20hm” and “400hhm”
  • Dimensions: 240(W) x 180(D) x 70(H) mm
  • Weight: 2.8kg

For more technical specifications on AirTight ATH 2 Reference Step Up Transformer, please visit AirTight website.

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