AirTight ATH 3s Step Up Transformer


Main features of the AirTight ATH 3s Step Up Transformer:

  • AirTight ATH 3s step up transformer for MC cartridge features Ground Lift Switches, allowing you to independently choose between grounded and floating grounding for both input and output.
  • This feature enables the handling of both floating balanced transmission and standard transmission. The housing and insulator have also been replaced with aluminum to enhance sound quality.
  • ATH 3s also incorporates a Hexagon Nut Binding Post MIL-P-55149/8 (MIL Standard), the same GND terminal used in AirTight’s flagship Phonostage ATE-3011.

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  • Step up transformer for MC cartridge
  • Step-up ratio: 1:40 (32dB gain) at low impedance mode
  • Dimensions: 144(W) x 207(D) x 80(H) mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg

For more technical specifications on AirTight ATH 3s Step Up Transformer, please visit AirTight website.

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