AirTight ATM 2 Plus Poweramp


Main features of the AirTight ATM 2 Plus Stereo Power Amplifier:

  • The AirTight ATM 2 Plus introduces a fresh design while preserving the iconic AirTight style and aesthetics. All circuitry including 1st & 2nd amplification and internal constructions are completely renovated.
  • The focus of this new design is to reduce plate voltage of the tubes while ensuring longer tube life and stable amplifier performance while maintaining ample output power.
  • This model incorporated 6CG7/6FQ7 tubes which is more powerful than the original 12AU7, with wider amplification and lower distortion.
  • ATM 2 Plus features Tamura’s high-quality 100W class output transformers, a major component in power amplifiers that enhance low-frequency surplus and performance.

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  • Stereo KT 88-80/W per channel
  • Dimensions: 415(W) x 380(D) x 230(H) mm
  • Weight: 33kg

For more technical specifications on AirTight ATM-2 Plus Stereo Power Amplifier, please visit Air Tight website.

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ATM-300R without tubes, ATM-300R single-ended w/EH 300B tubes, 9 watts, ATM-300R single ended with Takatsuki TA 300B tubes

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