AirTight Opus 1 Phono Catridge


Main features of the AirTight Opus 1 Phono Cartridge:

  • AirTight Opus 1 is AirTight’s top-of-the-line MC phono cartridge with 3-dimensional image made available in soundstage
  • Unprecedented, sublime sonic balance achieved through many years of research seeking the optimum combination ratio in internal impedance and output voltage.
  • Exclusive, renowned SH-uX core sealed in ultra-hard duralumin housing fortified by nickel plating.
  • Sounds great across different systems and in different types of music.

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  • Weight: 12.5g

For more technical specifications on AirTight Opus 1 MC Phono Cartridge, please visit AirTight website.

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Ultimate MC version, Mono version

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