Avantgarde Acoustic TRIO G3 Speaker (Pair)

Main features of the Avantgarde Acoustic Trio G3 horn loudspeaker:

  • The Trio G3 is by far Avantgarde Acoustic’s flagship and most extraordinary horn speaker system. With 109 dB efficiency, it is the most powerful and distortion-free loudspeaker from Avantgarde.
  • Combined with the SpaceHorn, the state-of-the-art development of Avantgarde’s legendary BassHorn, you’ll get a unique and overwhelming sound experience.
  • All the electronics are housed in easily replaceable technology modules so that you can expand or upgrade your system anytime even after years of usage.
  • The PASSIVE version is designed for operation with external HiFi amplifiers. It is extremely easy to operate and ideally suited even for low-power amplifiers.
  • The ITRON version has amplifiers built into the speaker and no external power amps are needed. You can easily upgrade the passive loudspeaker with ITRON technology or with a wireless module.
  • Horn colors: horns are customizable with a 12-color collection in timelessly elegant shades that can complement any interior room design and showcase the horns.

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Avantgarde Acoustic website.

  • 200mm tweeter horn
  • Spheric – Dome diaphragm with AirGate air filter technology
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 950mm x 986mm x 1694mm

For more technical specifications on the Duo GT, please visit Avantgarde Acoustic website.

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3-way hornspeaker without subwoofer – Passive version, 3-way hornspeaker without subwoofer – ITRON version (with iTron amp), Spacehorn Single Drive version (with 1 x XB12 bass driver), Spacehorn Twin Drive version (with 2 x XB12 bass driver)

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