Krell Foundation 4K Processor


Main features of the Krell Foundation 4K Processor:

  • The Krell Foundation 4K Processor couples award-winning Krell preamplifier circuitry with the latest in HDMI technology to create the centerpiece of a high-performance home theatre system.
  • It features Krell’s Automatic Room Equalization System (ARES) to ensure the best possible performance for a home theatre. It also includes Krell’s Intelligent HDMI switching, which is a combination of circuitry and innovative software that optimizes HDMI operation.
  • Equipped with the latest digital connectivity and designed to be upgradeable.
  • Supports stereo and multichannel DSD decoding with any of the 10 HDMI inputs.
  • Ideal for custom installation.

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  • Dimensions
    Inches (L) 16.83 x (W) 17.06 x (H) 3.47
    Centimeters (L) 42.76 x (W) 43.33 x (H) 88.1
  • Weight
    18lbs Unit only
    16kg Unit only
    24lbs Shipping Weight
    10.89kg Shipping weight

For more technical specifications on Krell Foundation 4K Processor, please visit Krell Industries website.

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