Krell KSA i400 Amplifier

Main features of the Krell KSA i400 Stereo Class A Amp:

  • Krell KSA i400 is Krell’s new flagship 400W/channel stereo Class A amplifier.
  • It uses Krell’s advanced circuit technologies including iBias (a circuitry technology which allows its amps to operate at full power but without the heat produced by traditional designs), XD (a technique for lowering an amplifier’s output impedance for better control over speaker drivers) and Symmetry Maximization in circuit parameters.
  • The KSA i400 has a massive power supply consisting of 5400VA of transformers and 188,000uF of filter capacitance.
  • It is microprocessor controlled and has Ethernet connectivity and a 12VDC trigger input for easy connection to a home controller.

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Krell Industries website

For more KR-KSA i400 Stereo Amp technical specifications, please visit Krell Industries website.

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