Krell Solo575 XD Mono Amp


Main features of the Krell Solo575 XD Mono Amp:

  • It incorporates Krell’s XD (Xtended Dynamics, Dimensionality & Detail) upgrade with lower output impedance. This enables greater control over speaker drivers, damps out unwanted vibrational modes and results in a more accurate reproduction of the original signal.
  • Built with Krell’s Class A iBias™ Technology, Krell Solo575 XD Mono Amp is one of Krell’s best sounding amplifiers that operate without the excessive heat and wasted energy of conventional designs
  • Equipped with power supplies that are optimized for use with the iBias circuit.
  • Its compact design allows rack-mounting. Ideal for custom installation as well as traditional audiophile systems.
  • Includes RJ 45 Ethernet connectivity and an internal web page that is accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

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575 Watt Amplifier Featuring Krell iBias™ Technology

  • Dimensions
    1 in. W x 7.65 in. H x 21.10in. D
    434 mm W x 194 mm H x 536mm D
  • Weight
    80 lbs., 36.4 kg (shipping)
    70 lbs., 31.8 kg (unit only)

For more technical specifications on Krell Solo XD Mono Amps, please visit Krell Industries website.

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