M&K VA500 Subwoofer Amplifier (Each)


Main features of the M&K VA500 Subwoofer Amplifier (Each):

  • The M&K VA500 Subwoofer Amplifier is a further development of the amplifiers built into the popular M&K Sound V Series subwoofers.
  • It is dedicated Class D amplifier with high efficiency, cool running and low standby voltage consumption, capable of delivering copious amounts of clean power to the IW28S In-Wall Subwoofer for extraordinary deep bass transients.
  • Stereo inputs and line-level passthrough connections also provide great flexibility for system building and future expansion.
  • This amp is one standard rack unit high and is supplied with removable handles for mounting in a 19” pro rack and feet for stand-along placement.
  • The IW28S In-Wall Subwoofer needs to function together with the VA500 Subwoofer Amplifier.

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M&K Sound website.

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 16.88” X 1.74” x 8.81” / 429mm x 44.4mm x 224mm
  • Dimensions (Rack size) (WxHxD): 19” x 1.74” x 8.81” / 483mm x 44.4mm x 224mm
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs / 4kg

For more technical specifications, please visit M&K Sound website.

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In-ceiling speaker, Black Fire Rated Back Can Enclosure for IC95 8.4" mount depth w back can

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