To take out the black bar of your movie picture, increase brightness for HDR effect, and increase resolution (fully utilising the projector’s pixels), Panamorph Anamorphic Len does it all.

For nearly 20 years Panamorph has been the most recognized and recommended anamorphic lens brand in the home theater industry with placements in close to 10,000 high end home theaters world-wide. Panamorph Anamorphic lens simply give you the best big screen cinema experience.



ANAMORPHIC 4K/4096 CINEMA IS THE NEW THING. The Paladin DCR lens with XM2 kit is now over 90% of our sales because of the messaging and compatibility with all the new Sony and JVC 4K projectors. A 4K/4096 projector with a Paladin DCR lens exceeds the resolution of a commercial theater by over 1.7 million pixels. That’s a huge message to your clients and the most effective message in closing sales. Everyone wants the best and now the best is even easier to sell.

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