PMC Fact Speakers

The PMC Fact Speakers are a combination of PMC’s seamless integration of quality components, creative process and vast knowledge of acoustic engineering gained from developing the world’s leading professional loudspeakers. PMC Fact speakers are sonically gratifying, capable of supreme performance and boasts elegant, sleek design that can complement any room décor.

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PMC Fact Speakers – Top of the Range – Fenestria

This top-of-the-range Fact model combines new materials, innovative aerodynamic engineering, groundbreaking vibration-cancelling design, cutting-edge cabinets and drivers, PMC’s patented Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) bass-loading technology and state-of-the-art design to create a loudspeaker for your ultimate music listening experience.

PMC Fact 12 Signature speaker, PMC speakers vancouver, high-end audio vancouver

Fact 12

Using key components from the flagship Fenestria, the Fact 12 is PMC’s signature three-way ATL loudspeaker. With an extra drive, hand-built mid-range soft-dome, premium-quality bass drivers, ATL™ and high-grade components used in the flagship Fact Fenestria, this model is suited for more expansive listening environments. Fact 12 can cater to your desired output level, from whisper-quiet to levels you feel rather than hear.

PMC Fact 8 Signature speaker, PMC speakers, high-end audio vancouver

Fact 8

Using key components from the flagship Fenestria, the Fact 8 is PMC’s signature two-way ATL loudspeaker, meticulously engineered and stylishly designed to deliver the optimum output for medium-to-larger rooms. With a wide range of amplification and the ability to play music at all volumes, the Fact 8 conveys the emotion and beauty of a musical performance without unwanted enhancement or exaggeration.

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