PMC Twenty5 Speakers

PMC Twenty5 speakers consist of four two-way loudspeakers ranging from the compact shelf-mounting Twenty5i-21i, the floor-standing Twenty5i-24, to the flagship PMC Twenty5 Speakers, Twenty5-26i. There’s also a centre channel model and the proven subwoofer for use in surround systems.

Since the characteristics and tonality of all PMC speakers, from large to small, are essentially the same, simply mix and match different models to create your perfect immersive audio system!

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PMC’s Flagship Twenty5-26i Speaker

PMC is respected worldwide for its soft-dome mid-range drivers, and its flagship Twenty5-26i, the largest in the range, features a third driver dedicated to mid frequencies, which contain all the critical details found in vocal recordings. This speaker’s three-way design ensures that a driver is dedicated to each frequency range, adaptable to any upgrades you make with your system. 

PMC Twenty5 24i speaker, PMC speakers vancouver, high-end audio vancouver


The largest two-way speaker in Twenty5 range. The Twenty5-24i delivers compelling life-like performances with realism, precision, bite and power. It’s slender and graceful design can be a grand addition to medium-to-large listening rooms, capable of saturating your space with music without dominating your room.

PMC Twenty5 23i speaker, PMC speakers vancouver, high-end audio vancouver


The Twenty5-23i is by far PMC’s most popular model in the Twenty5i speakers. It has an elegant floor-standing form, perfect for medium-sized rooms, which will blend in inconspicuously with any interior décor, whether modern or traditional. One of PMC’s bestsellers in high-end amplification at an affordable price.

PMC Twenty 5 22i speaker, PMC speakers vancouver, high-end audio vancouver


The more substantial Twenty5-22i is designed for use in larger spaces than the 21i, and is equally well-suited on dedicated stands, console furniture or other flat surfaces. This model incorporates PMC’s ATL technology. It has a powerful 6.5-inch g-weave bass driver and Laminair™ vent, for delivering clean, uncluttered and powerful low-end. It also comes with a soft-dome treble unit for specifically catered to producing detailed highs.

PMC Twenty5 21i speaker, PMC speakers vancouver, high-end audio vancouver


The most compact model in PMC’s new range yet with the impact you’d expect from a much larger cabinet. Ideal for use in small-to-medium listening environments. Easily mounted on a stand or a bookshelf, the Twenty5-21i is very flexible in placement. An unbeatable choice if you’re looking for effects speakers in an immersive sound system.

PMC Twenty5 Ci speaker, PMC speakers vancouver, high-end audio vancouver


The Twenty5-Ci is the latest replication of PMC’s full-range centre loudspeaker for surround listening systems. It features twin g-weave bass drivers and the new twenty5i treble driver with wide, even dispersion. This allows the speaker to be positioned at a height to your liking while maintaining the dramatic impact of a movie dialogue.

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