Stillpoints LP Isolator


Main features of the Stillpoints LP Isolator:

  • Stillpoints LP Isolator is perfect for placing on loudspeaker/component tops, transformers or tube equipment.
  • It absorbs micro vibrations present at the label area, achieving a clearer, cleaner sound reproduction.
  • The LP Isolator Short Spindle is compatible with many turntables.
  • The LP Isolator Long Spindle works with turntables that incorporate a longer than average spindle.
  • Color: Silver only.

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  • Height: Minimum 1.60”, Maximum 1.92”
  • Diameter: Minimum 2.97”, Maximum 2.97”
  • Weight (per unit): 1lb 10oz
  • Color: Silver only.

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LP Isolator – Short spindle, LP Isolator – Long spindle


Silver only

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