Stillpoints Ultra 5 V2


Main features of the Stillpoints Ultra 5 V2:

  • The Stillpoints Ultra 5 V2 is designed to remove unwanted vibration and resonance, delivering better sound quality and a more enjoyable listening experience, making it the best Stillpoints model for floor-standing loudspeakers.
  • There is an added 1/2-20 female thread on the beveled half so you can attach the Ultra 5 “Bullet Spike” or an adapter specifically made for attaching the Ultra Base.
  • If you need to anchor a speaker through thick carpet with spikes, the Ultra 5 V2 can accommodate you with an Ultra 5 V2 Bullet Spike. The beveled bottom edge of the Ultra 5 V2 also makes it very easy to move large and heavy components and loudspeakers.
  • It is the perfect solution for all your home audio applications, including high-end stereo, vinyl playback systems and other music playback option including receivers and speakers.
  • Available in Single.
  • Color: Silver or Black

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  • A set of Ultra 5 V2 offers 20 technology pockets per loudspeaker, giving you a very high level of dissipation and decoupling.
  • A 1/4-20 female thread is located on top of the flat half of the Ultra 5.
  • Available in Single.
  • Color: Silver or Black.

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Ultra 5 V2 – Single, Ultra 5 V2 – Single with Ultra 5 Bullet Spike


Silver, Black

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