Stillpoints Ultra 6 V2


Main features of the Stillpoints Ultra 6 V2:

  • Stillpoints Ultra 6 V2 is the first to use technology pockets on opposing sides of the isolator. 
  • An essential tool for audio lovers and professionals to help you achieve the best sound possible.
  • You can use the Ultra 6 V2 in a multiple applications:
    • Attach directly to an ESS rack configured using X Grid or Rail Grid providing a low profile
    • Attach directly to the Component Stand SS
    • Place Ultra 6 between monitor and bass cabinet sections of multi-cabinet loudspeakers.
    • Position Ultra 6 with Base between stereo or mono block amplifiers and the floor for improved ventilation and isolation.
  • Ultra Base is not included with the Ultra 6 V2 but can be purchased separately.
  • Purchase Ultra 6 V2 with Ultra Base for a 20-50% boost in performance.
  • Purchase Ultra 6 V2 without Ultra Base if used with ESS rack or Component Stand.
  • Color: Silver or Black

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Ultra 6 V2 dimensions:

  • Diameter: 75.41mm
  • Height: 34.45mm
  • Weight: 746g

Ultra 6 V2 with Ultra Base dimensions:

  • Diameter: 75.41mm
  • Height: 41.89mm
  • Weight: 1042g

For more technical specifications on Stillpoints Ultra 6 V2, please visit Stillpoints website.

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Ultra 6 V2 (Ultra Base not included), Ultra 6 V2 (with Ultra Base)

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