Stillpoints Ultra 6


Main features of the Stillpoints Ultra 6:

  • Stillpoints Ultra 6 is the newest addition to the Stillpoints Ultra Series and the first to use technology pockets on opposing sides of the isolator. A single-puck is designed to transmit vibration to pockets more efficiently. 
  • You can use the Ultra 6 in a number of applications eg.:
  • Attach directly to an ESS rack, for a lower profile than the Ultra 5
  • Attach directly to a loudspeaker stand and set the monitor on the Ultra 6
  • Place an Ultra 6 “With Ultra Base” between a satellite and subwoofer
  • Position an Ultra with Ultra Base under an amplifier for ventilation and aesthetics purposes.
  • Ultra Base is not included with the Ultra 6 but can be purchased separately.
  • Color: Silver only.

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  • Height: Minimum 1.60”, Maximum 1.92”
  • Diameter: Minimum 2.97”, Maximum 2.97”
  • Weight (per unit): 1lb 10oz
  • Color: Silver only.

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Ultra 6 (Ultra Base not included), Ultra 6 (with Ultra Base)

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