Stillpoints Ultra Mini with Base


Stillpoints Ultra Mini with base (or without base) is Stillpoints’ entry level Ultra filter. It comes with all the Stillpoints technology, just reduced to the smallest package. The Ultra Mini can support components up to 50lbs and comes with or without base. It does not accept any Stillpoints adapters.

Main features of the Stillpoints Ultra Mini with base:

  • The Ultra Mini with Base consists of a 8-32 threaded stud extending out from the Ultra Mini body. The base is then attached to the stud to allow leveling of a component or loudspeaker.
  • The Ultra Mini without Base allows you to thread the male stud of the Mini directly into a component or loudspeaker of your choice if the female thread is of a compatible size.
  • Available individually, in sets of 3 and in sets of 4.
  • Color: Silver or Black (Black is special order only and subject to 10% upcharge over silver models).

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Ultra Mini with Base

  • Height: Minimum 1.16”, Maximum 1.34”
  • Diameter: Minimum 0.74”, Maximum 0.95”
  • Weight (per unit): 2.24oz
  • Available individually, in sets of 3 and in sets of 4.

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Ultra Mini With Base – Single, Ultra Mini With Base – Set of 3, Ultra Mini With Base – Set of 4


Silver, Black (10% upcharge)

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