Stillpoints Ultra SS V2


Main features of Stillpoints Ultra SS V2:

Stillpoints Ultra SS is the first in the line of Ultra filters. The Ultra SS V2 consists of two primary sections. The tapered body containing the filter technology and the adjustable disc called the Hard Hat which offers levelling adjustability through a threaded stud.   A wonderful all-round performer that works best under larger loudspeakers with appropriate adapters.

  • For “hard mounting” the Ultra SS to your components or loudspeakers, there is a ¼-20” threaded bore at the large diameter end of the body. An appropriate adapter can be mounted in this location.
  • If you choose to mount an Ultra SS spike, removing the Hard Hat provides another location for mounting an adapter or spike as desired.
  • Determine the thread size of your component or loudspeaker and order the appropriate size threaded adapter.
  • Color: Silver or Black
  • Available individually, in sets of 3 and in sets of 4.

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Ultra SS V2 dimensions:

  • Diameter 34.92mm
  • Height 48.32mm
  • Weight: 147g

Ultra SS V2 with Ultra Base dimensions:

  • Diameter: 75.41mm
  • Height: 56.13mm
  • Weight: 453g

For more technical specifications on Stillpoints Ultra SS V2, please visit Stillpoints website.

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Ultra SS V2- Single, Ultra SS V2 – Set of 3, Ultra SS V2 – Set of 4, Ultra SS V2 – Single with Ultra SS Bullet Spike, Ultra SS V2 – Set of 3 with Ultra SS Bullet Spike, Ultra SS V2 – Set of 4 with Ultra SS Bullet Spike


Silver, Black

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