StormAudio ISP CORE 16 Preamp/Processor


Main features of the ISP CORE 16 Preamp/Processor:

  • StormAudio’s ISP CORE 16 is a sleek, compact and premium option that delivers StormAudio’s signature functionality and performance in a 3U chassis.
  • Design is based on the award-winning StormAudio ISP Elite platform, supports up to 16 channels and has the DSP power to decode all the latest immersive formats (including Auto-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, IMAX Enhanced).
  • Features a refined minimalist design highlighting a new full-color 5” display that gives you access to a vast amount of information such as real-time multichannel VuMeter or HDMI signal details.
  • This preamp/processor can also be easily controlled using a various tools, from IR remote control to home automation systems and even the Android/iOS app on smartphones and tablets.

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  • Immersive sound processor
  • Compact, non-modular design
  • Software-based upgradeable platform
  • 16 channel analog output (XLR)
  • Multi-theatre, multi-room, multi-way speakers

For more technical specifications on StormAudio’s CORE 16 Preamp/Processor, please visit StormAudio website.

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ISP.16 Analog MK3 (16 channel analog output (XLR)), ISP.24 Analog MK3 (24 channel analog output (XLR)), ISP.32 Analog MK3 (32 channel analog output (XLR)), ISP.32 Digital AES MK3 (32 channel AES/EBU output (RJ45) 16 channel analog output (XLR)

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