Trinnov Amplitude 8 Poweramp


Main features of the Trinnov Amplitude 8 Poweramp:

  • Trinnov’s Amplitude 8 Poweramp is specifically designed to harmonize with Trinnov processors.
  • Its seamless integration with Altitude processors, both in appearance and technical performance, produces a robust three-dimensional soundstage, giving you an impressive dynamic range and bass impact that rivals the quality found in the best commercial theatres.
  • Having this poweramp in your home theatre guarantees a silent background noise and an expansive dynamic range. This ensures that you catch every detail in the subtlest passages, while also delivering clean, undistorted output and impactful sound when the soundtrack reaches its highest loudness levels.

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  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 443mm x 186.5mm x 502mm (17 ¾” x 7 11/32” x 19 ¾”)
  • Shipping dimensions (WxHxD): 70cm x 61cm x 38cm
  • Weight: 48kg / 106lbs
  • Shipping weight: 59kg

For more technical specifications, please visit Trinnov website.

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