VAC Amplifiers

VAC Amplifiers

VAC amplifiers, renowned for their vacuum tube technology, bring music alive with superior sonic performance.

VAC’s preamplifiers, power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers use vacuum tube technology almost exclusively. Tubes can bring out the life and emotion in music and make amplified music sound better to the human ears and brain.

Many VAC amplifier designs are also hand-wired where the designer carefully selects the brand, conductor materials, insulation, size and geometry of wires used in building an amplifier.

On top of immaculate design and implementation, VAC also meticulously monitors the audio quality of its amplifiers to maximize your acoustical enjoyment and protect your investment. 

VAC preamplifiers, power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers, all finely crafted with VAC’s vacuum tube technology and refined to bring music to life, are now available in Vancouver at Sound Elite Home Theatres.

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