Audience frontRow Digital Interconnect


Main features of the Audience frontRow Digital Interconnect:

  • Audience frontRow Digital Interconnect, with Audience’s MORRE (Musically Optimized Reduction of Resistive Energy) technologies, is capable of delivering more precise signal information and musical reproduction than any of its predecessors, setting a new standard in interconnect technology and performance.
  • It can transmit audio signals without grain or distortion, allowing for a huge three-dimensional spatial soundstage.
  • With the introduction of MORRE technologies into frontRow interconnects, all aspects of musical performance are inherently and definitely improved.
  • frontRow Digital Interconnect is available in these models: S/PDIF RCA to RCA, S/PDIF RCA to BNC, S/PDIF BNC to BNC, AES/EBU, USB standard and USB A>C.
  • All models are available in variable lengths except for frontRow USB standard and USB A>C digital interconnects which have variable lengths up to 2m only.
  • Please CALL TO ORDER for half-meter extensions beyond 3m.

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Audience website

  • For frontRow Digital Interconnect technical specifications, please visit Audience website.
  • Please CALL TO ORDER for half-meter extensions beyond 3m.

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frontRow S/PDIF RCA to RCA Digital, frontRow S/PDIF RCA to BNC Digital, frontRow S/PDIF BNC to BNC Digital, frontRow AES/EBU Digital, frontRow USB Standard, frontRow USB A>B or A>C


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