Audience frontRow Reserve USB


Main features of the Audience frontRow Reserve USB interconnects:

  • Audience frontRow Reserve USB interconnects are a true balanced cable design. With Audience’s MORRE (Musically Optimized Reduction of Resistive Energy) technologies, it is capable of delivering more precise signal information and musical reproduction than any of its predecessors, setting a new standard in interconnect technology and performance.
  • It is engineered with 4 x frontRow 29 strand, 99.999% Pure OCC conductors in a shielded twin axial geometry, each pair carefully designed for signal directionality, preserving all the purity of your music, even exceeding in performance Audience’s award-winning Au24 SX interconnects. 
  • This USB connector makes use of Audience’s very special gold-plated Tellurium, Carbon Fiber to ensure the most secure connections to your components with amazing flexibility and ease of use. With new frontRow geometry and materials, it effectively reduces the noise floor, leaving more low-level information and more “life” in music.

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  • For frontRow Reserve USB interconnect technical specifications, please visit Audience
  • Please CALL TO ORDER for quarter-meter extensions beyond 3m.

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