Audience Studio One Analog Interconnect


Main features of the Audience Studio One Analog Interconnect:

  • Audience Studio One Analog Interconnect, as with all Studio One cables, are Audience’s higher-end models built with high quality materials and premium geometry.
  • It is a low-mass design without heavy jacketing materials or heavy connectors which can absorb energy and dull sound.
  • The Studio One cables can deliver imaging that is deep, wide and well-defined with superb rhythm and pacing.
  • They are also known for its tonal purity and dynamics and ability to reproduce music with greater coherence and smoothness.
  • The Studio Analog Interconnect is available in these models in variable lengths: Interconnect RCA to RCA, Interconnect RCA to Din, XLR Interconnect, XLR Centre Channel and RCA Subwoofer Interconnect.
  • Please CALL TO ORDER for half-meter extensions beyond 3m.

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Audience website

  • For Studio One Analog Interconnect technical specifications, please visit Audience website.
  • Please CALL TO ORDER for half-meter extensions beyond 3m.

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Studio ONE Audio Interconnect to RCA to RCA, Studio ONE Audio Interconnect RCA to DIN, Studio ONE XLR Audio Interconnect, Studio ONE XLR Center Channel, Studio ONE RCA Subwoofer Interconnect


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