Electrocompaniet AW250-R


Main features of the Electrocompaniet AW250-R power amplifier:

  • The Electrocompaniet AW250-R stereo power amplifier (2 x 250 Watts) is known for its uncoloured and excellent reproduction qualities.
  • It incorporates refined features such as FTT (Floating Transformer Technology) power supply which is capable of delivering twice the current of conventional power supply designs, as well as first class overall circuit design and state-of-the-art components. 
  • The Electrocompaniet AW250R also features a balanced link to additional amplifier(s) for bi-amping, so it can easily be used in bridged mode and can deliver up to four times the power.

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  •  Power consumption (no load or signal): 230W
  • Dimensions: Width: 483mm/19”; Depth: 450mm/17”; Height: 210mm/8.2”
  • Weight: 39kg/85.8lbs

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