Electrocompaniet AW400 (Each)


Main features of the Electrocompaniet AW400 Mono Block Power Amp:

  • Electrocompaniet AW400 is a very powerful Mono Block Amp (400 Watts EACH) that sounds fast, clean, full-bodied and inherently musical. It has a dynamic, free-flowing grip on the music signal, delivering naturalness and ease regardless of signal level.
  • State-of-the-art components and uncompromising sonic and mechanical quality makes the AW400 a natural cornerstone in a truly discerning high-end music system.
  • Its amazing stability down to a staggering 0,5 Ohms means it can drive whatever speaker load you choose with ease, making this amp hard to find anywhere else.

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  • Power consumption (no load or signal): 230W
  • Dimensions: Width: 358mm/14.1”; Depth: 470/18.5”; Height: 261mm/10.2”
  • Weight: 25kg/55lbs

For more detailed technical specifications, please visit Electrocompaniet website.

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