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Founded in 2008, SOtM Audio is a Korea-based audio company that offers niche, high performance multi-product solutions to network audio to bring out the “Soul Of the Music”, as denoted in its name.

SOtM takes computer audio to a whole new level, providing components for computer audiophiles to build the highest performance music servers in the most cost-effective way. It offers a wide range of attractively priced options in network audio and accessories, all with high flexibility in choice of control to suit your requirements. Definitely a great partner for any high-end audio product and perfect for computer audiophiles who know what they want and would like to do a bit of DIY in mixing and matching components.  

SOtM Music Servers & Players

SOtM DAC Pre amps & Power amps

SOtM Network Players

When people talk about network audio players, there is often an assumption that the device consists of the network hardware, a control interface and decoding mechanisms. SOtM takes network audio to an even higher level with a solution based on separation technologies. This enables its network interface to pair with audio streaming protocols and allows you to choose your own signal decoding.

SOtM Accessories

There is an infinite range of accessories to help you mix and match your own computer audio system, including headphone amps, USB regenerators, power supply units, clock generators and switches, noise filters, USB HUB, LAN isolators and more.

SOtM Cables

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