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sDP-1000EX DAC & PreAmp

SOtM sDP 1000EX DAC Preamp, SOtM DAC Preamp Vancouver

Speaking of SOtM DACs and amplifiers, the sDP-1000EX is one of its highest-end DAC and preamp, unmatched by any DAC on the market today.

It is a device with a USB audio function which supports DSD playback, a high-performance clock circuit, a battery power supply and a high-performance preamplifier. All audio circuit parts including the DAC and preamplifier volume control are fully balanced circuits, allowing you to hear clear, high-resolution sounds.  

SOtM DACS and Amplifiers – sPA-1000 Power Amp

SOtM sPA 1000 power amp, SOtM power amp Vancouver

SOtM designed the Class D amplifier (also known as digital amplifier) module for the sPA-1000 using power stabilization technology on the power circuit. With this special power circuit, sound becomes more natural and can bring out more details, optimal for playing music with very precise low and mid-high ranges. The sPA-1000’s simple and modern design have won multiple design awards and can accentuate any interior décor.

SOtM DACs and amplifiers – sHP-100 Headphone Amp/DAC

SOtM sHP 100 headphone amp DAC, SOtM headphone amp DAC Vancouver

sHP-100 is a combined USB DAC and high-performance headphone amplifier. The unit supports USB, Coaxial, Optical and Analog line input and has both headphone output and analog line output. A much sought-after model within SOtM DAC and amplifiers. It comes with flexible DAC functions. This model incorporates SOtM’s noise regulators and cancellers – the most important components of the DAC module, making the best sound among devices at a similar level. You can couple this unit with the sPS-500 for enhanced performance and a visually matching system.

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