Wilson Benesch Fulcrum Centre Channel (Single)


Main features of the Wilson Benesch Fulcrum Centre Channel Loudspeaker:

  • Wilson Benesch Fulcrum is a dedicated centre channel built to match and compliment the style and performance of the Geometry Series speakers.
  • It shares the same state-of-the-art Wilson Benesch geometry drive technology as used in the flagship Cardinal.
  • Housing two Tactic-II Drive Units and flanked by a single Semisphere Tweeter, the power of this small cabinet is phenomenal.
  • With this speaker, sound propagation is virtually diffraction-free. You’ll be immersed in real sound and can simply lose yourself in a movie soundtrack like never before.

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  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 9.8” (33.5” with stand) x 24” x 12.2” (250mm (850mm with stand) x 610mm x 310mm)
  • Volume: 25L
  • Weight per channel: 46.3 lbs (21kg) / 72.8lbs (33kg) with stand
  • Finish: Anodised black baffle. High gloss satin weave carbon fibre cabinet. High gloss black acrylic ends. Satin black stand. Side cheek optional finishes in: Silk Black, White Gloss, Oak Satin, Natural Cherry Satin, Zebrano Gloss, Birdseye Maple Gloss, Red Birdseye Gloss, Red Tulip Gloss, Burr Walnut Gloss, Walnut Gloss, Ebonised Walnut Gloss, P1 Enzo Red carbon finish, P1 Silverstone Silver carbon finish and P1 Ettore Blue carbon finish.

For more technical specifications, please visit Wilson Benesch website.

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Standard: Black, Satin Wood: Natural Cherry, Satin Wood: Oak, Gloss Wood: Burr Walnut, Gloss Wood: Bird Eye Maple, Gloss Wood: Walnut, Gloss Wood: Zebrano, Gloss Wood: Red Tulip, Gloss Wood: Red Birds Eye, Gloss Wood: Ebonised Walnut, Gloss Color: Black, Gloss Color: White, Fulcrum 650 Centre White Gloss Finish (Cheeks & Stand)

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