Organic Audio MK II Cables

The Organic MK II cables are the second version of the original Organic audio cables that were launched in 2010 with upgraded connectors, speaker cable finish and lower mass dielectric. The MK II cables are available as RCA and XLR analog inter-connectors, speaker cable and power cord.


Organic Audio MK II Series

Organic Audio MK. II cables stand out because Organic Audio takes the extra mile to manufacture in-house their own connectors for their cables instead of sourcing a standard connector component from a third party. These organically manufactured connectors use the same type of copper as in Organic Audio conductors. This optimizes both the design and match between cable and connector to produce the best possible sound.

Organic MK. II is available in RCA and XLR analog inter-connectors, speaker cables and power cords.

Organic Audio Reference Series

The Organic Reference cables have incorporated various upgrades, including solutions used in the Argento Audio Flow cables and an increased number of conductors used in the Organic MK. II cables. Sound quality is enhanced without compromising other elements in reproduction.

Organic Reference is available in RCA and XLR analog interconnectors, XLR, RCA and BNC digital interconnectors, speaker cable, and power cord.