JR Transrotor

JR Transrotor is Germany’s oldest turntable manufacturer.  Owner and designer, Jochen Rake is a mechanical engineer who has been designing and making turnables for 40 years.  All Transrotor turntables are delicately hand crafted by Jochen Rake and his dedicated staff in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany with non compromise attention to details and design that revolutionzed the high-end turntable market.  Transrotor ingenious magnetic drive and free magnetic drive bearing design (TMD and FMD) has yet again set demanding new standards in analog audio.  Every Transrotor turntables takes at least 3 weeks to make after ordering. But the expense of delay will soon become insignificant  when you start looking, feeling and listening to their masterpieces.  For more detail, please click the following link: TRANSROTOR