JL Audio

“The JL Audio Fathom is of reference quality and a benchmark by which all other subwoofers can be judged.”  – Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

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GOTHAM V2 G213v2 – Gloss Dual 13.5″ dia. subwoofer drivers, sealed enclosure, 4500 watts RMS (Short-term) amplifier

MSRP CAD$ 22,900

Fathom V2

FATHOM V2 F110-GLOSSv2 – 10″dia. subwoofer driver, sealed enclosure, 1100W RMS (short-term) amplifier (MSRP CAD$4,999) FATHOM V2 F112-GLOSSv2 – 12″dia. subwoofer driver, sealed enclosure, 1800W RMS (short-term) amplifier (MSRP CAD$ 5,599);  F113-GLOSSv2 – 13.5″dia. subwoofer driver, sealed enclosure, 3000W RMS (short-term) amplifier (MSRP CAD$ 6,999);  F212-GLOSSv2 – Dual 12″dia. subwoofer drivers, sealed enclosure, 3600W RMS (short-term) amplifier (MSRP CAD$ 10,999)



e110 10″ dia.subwoofer driver, sealed enclosure, 1200W RMS (short-term) amplifier (MSRP CAD$ 2,499/2,299 for GLOSS/ASH finish)

e112 12″ dia.subwoofer driver, sealed enclosure, 1500W RMS (short-term) amplifier (MSRP CAD$ 3,199/2,899 for GLOSS/ASH finish)



d108 8″ dia. subwoofer driver, sealed enclosure, 500W RMS (short-term) amplifier – JLink Ready (MSRP CAD$ 1,399/1,249 for GLOSS/ASH finish)

d110  10″ dia. subwoofer driver, sealed enclosure, 750W RMS (short-term) amplifier – JLink Ready (MSRP CAD$ 1,649/1,499 for GLOSS/ASH finish)


Subwoofer Crossover CR-1

Active Subwoofer Crossover for 2-channel applications (MSRP CAD$ 4,399)