Wilson Benesch

Wilson Benesch is one of our premium brands for high-end loudspeakers. All Wilson Benesch’s loudspeakers, turntable and rack system are designed, manufactured and assembled in Sheffield, UK, a city which has an international reputation in metallurgy and steel production.  Wilson Benesch is pioneer in the use of advanced carbon fibre composite materials in making loudspeakers since their establishment in 1989, well before any of their competitors currently using carbon fibre in making loudspeakers.  Unlike other high-end loudspeaker manufacturer, Wilson Benesch’s advantages in technology knowhow was a result of the financial support of British Government and their continuing R&D projects on advanced material technology and manufacturing.  How is the sound?  Musical, realistic, tonal bass with immersive sound stage you would die for.  I can tell you they are definitely one of the top three best sounding speakers that I have ever heard.

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