Audience Cables and Power Conditioner

by | Mar 10, 2018 | Audience Cables | 0 comments


The first time I heard about Audience goes back in time when I was young and ignorant and while I am still searching the right cables for my sound system in order to make it sound right, in other words tuning the sound of my gears. That was the date that I bought the second hand cables of the very reputable brands from an audiophile in Hong Kong.  I asked him why he wanted to sell this cable and he replied that he was going to change all his cables into “Audience” cables!  I didn’t understand because I was ignorant at that time.

Now I understand when I plugged Audience’s power cables into my system and all of the sudden the music came naturally.  This is something that I’ve never experienced before with other high-end audio cables.   No doubt that some so-called “higher” end cables did something positive to my system (ie. smoother high frequency, adding warmth and sweetness to the sound in a good way, tightening bass, etc).  Audience’s cables are different.  It is pure music!  In technical terms, naturalness, coherence, tonal balance and organic may be the words to describe. I cannot imagine there is any matching problem for Audience’s cables with any other electronics.   I would not reserve to recommend Audience to everybody even though you are not in the market of cables.  Don’t just read reviews.  Try listening them by your ears…………… 🙂